So, just visiting my blog again.

Had a website scare, no thanks to some of the plugins I activated on the site (so yeah, that was MY fault, haha). Good thing that even if I couldn’t access my WordPress dashboard, I could access the plugins and templates through my hosting’s cPanel and deactivate them from there.

I learn new stuff every day.


It’s August now, which means that besides our wedding anniversary month, it’s going to be another challenging time for me for homeschooling.

This will basically be our 3rd year and there are quite a few changes. This year, it’s combined homeschooling with online lectures, so it’s both parent- and teacher-led learning. Honestly, I still need to learn a lot of things, which includes getting help from others and doing little sacrifices.

It’s so hard when you’re juggling career and homeschooling two students. Well, at least Eldest’s kinda independent. Bunso, however, still wants me to be around when class starts. But I have to teach her to be a little independent starting now.

With Eldest, I’m looking for tutors who could help her (and me) with the harder subjects. Well, Math. I can’t with Algebra and Trigonometry anymore (I’m wondering how I survived high school back then). Now shortlisting my choices and hopefully, I find one that works with my kiddo.


Eldest also asked me if they’ll be having face-to-face classes. Well, the nearest to that would be during the quarterly exams since that would be administered by the teacher, which means that we can physically go to school for that. But for the most part, it’s an online program so not much f2f.

I asked her if she wanted to have f2f classes and she answered in the affirmative. As long as she doesn’t go back to her old school, she said. She had some experiences with bullies back then pre-pandemic (we shifted to homeschool and a different provider during the pandemic) and I quite understand that. So as early as now, I’m gonna check if their current provider has a school service that reaches our place (we’re some 4km away from the school) since they have a regular school program. If not, then I’d have to canvass schools accessible from our house.


And because we’re almost starting homeschool, I’ve decided to streamline my income resources. Short of saying, giving up one of my part-time work. Though it’s not a very stressful job and it takes just 3 hours of my time every day, I want to free up more time for homeschooling. I still have a source of income, this one I’ll maintain for now — even if the pay sked’s not very consistent, it pays well.


Well, that’s basically it for now. Good luck to us in the coming days.

Also hoping this blog’s gonna stick for a while.

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