Oh My God, We’re Back Again

Yep, welcome to the new Hits and Mrs. PH blog!

Where’s my old content? Well, they’re gone. I guess. My hosting changed servers and I wasn’t able to back up all the content from my previous blog. I did try, though. But the size was too big and they closed down the old server already before I could do more so here I am.

I guess it’s also a way to make me remember why I started to blog in the first place. Had to feel the thrill of writing again. By making me miss my old blog. Haha. Well, world, I guess it worked.

So yes, I’m starting over again. Hopefully, I could maintain this momentum. I mean, I spent quite some time rebuilding this; can’t let all the effort go to waste, right?

I’ve still got stories to tell (and PRs to publish, LOL) that I can’t just put in my FB or IG page. Food, homeschooling, life’s ups and downs, things like that.

For now, the blog will be a work in progress, but I”m already kinda liking the new look (and it’s a free template, too — thank you, wpbeginner). Will be adding more stuff here, so I hope you stick around. 🙂

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