Evening Random Thoughts

Well, what a life so far.

My body’s pretty messed up — anxiety has manifested into acute gastroenteritis. Had LBM, still belching until now, still feeling gassy.

I don’t think it’s going away soon.

I’ve been stressed for quite a while now. Motherhood, wife duties, homeschooling, and work have taken a toll.

To be honest, I miss my Makati days. 😛 Things were not just straightforward, but also organized. And therefore simple.

The pandemic and new responsibilities really did a number on me.

Maybe I still have that “employee mindset” despite the changes in work that happened. I guess it’s hard to transition because it’s not only at work that I’m experiencing changes and additional responsibilities. Homeschooling is also tough work especially with two kids.

I’m not making excuses, though. But it’s really hard juggling so many things. And there’s a lot of things in my mind as well, with what’s happening around me, too.

I have to think about my kids and the next steps for them, especially that Eldest is entering grade 9 (or 3rd year high school). At the same time, I have to learn new things about social media and ads. And then, of course, there are duties at home to do. It leaves me fuddled that it seems 24 hours in a day is not enough.

Have I asked for help? Yes. At home it’s not so hard to deal with, save for the occasional reminders. But at work it’s kinda hard because it’s like all of us are groping in the dark as to how to navigate the fast-paced world of the business.

So yeah, this is just me pouring out my thoughts lest I suffer another bout of gastroenteritis. Or something worse.

And yes, also a reminder to get even a prepaid health card. Hospitalization and medical services in the Philippines are so expensive.

When I was a kid, I dreamed that I’d have a comfortable life as I get old. Wew, it’s so hard to get there.

Cover photo by Guto Abreu

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