Redirection, Not Rejection

Redirection Quote

“Rejection is just a redirection to something better.”

This quote came to mind while I was thinking about our family’s car situation.

You see, we wanted to upgrade our car. While our storied 1997 Kia Pride was a big help to us for more than 10 years (it was a second-hand car when hubby bought it), especially when the kids were still babies, maintaining it became costly. And since it was an old car, there were some safety features that were lacking. (The body, though, is super strong, based on one of our accidents on the road)

So a few months ago, hubby sold the old car and thought of getting a new one through financing via their company. They’ve done computations about the amortization but they haven’t discussed purchasing one yet. Hubby was told to wait a bit, probably for the company’s revenue to be more stable (although they’re not on the red, but I totally understand).

We were looking into buying the Suzuki S Presso MT. It ticked many of our boxes: it was one of the most inexpensive cars, it didn’t look like a Celerio (hubby liked that the S Presso looked more like a mini SUV), it had manual transmission (hubby’s preference), and there were enough safety features like seatbelts at the back and airbags.

We have been praying for a new car, even the kids were hoping that it would come soon.

Then I saw this post on a Facebook Page I’m following:

Visor Suzuki S Presso Club Philippines
Saw this post here
I went to Google to research more about this recall and tie rod issue and found this article, published last July 2023. Maruti Suzuki, the manufacturer of the S Presso, announced the recall of this and the Eeco. It said that the manufacturer suspects a defect in the steering tie rod, which can pose a danger to its passengers.

And then the redirection quote came to mind.

It was like God was telling us to be patient until this issue has been resolved, before we make our car purchase.

It’s not completely a “No” but more of a “Wait, I’m saving you from future problems” kind of thing.

I believe He has something that’s really for us. Something that won’t make our heads ache with problems here and there. Something that the family will enjoy having for a long time. Something not just cost-efficient, but safe as well.

He is redirecting us to something better.

We don’t mind waiting, there will always be the right time, and He knows when that is.

And in that, we trust.

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