Still Homeschooling, Year 4


It’s past the enrollment season, and for the next school year, we’ve decided to continue our homeschooling set-up.

We’ve given it much thought and discussed it a few times. To be honest, the choice to homeschool the kids was not something that came up until the pandemic happened in 2020. Lockdowns, diminished income streams, and the fear of contracting the virus became our reasons to do homeschooling.

At first, it was a temporary solution to the lockdown. But three years into it, the kids have gotten used to it. Though it wasn’t without pains; even with the current set-up where the kids regularly have online lectures, juggling homeschooling and working from home was something kinda tedious especially for me as the parent-teacher.

Since protocols eased up and there had been more leeway in going out — plus the vaccinations — hubby and I wondered if the kids wanted to go back to trad school or at the very least, do face-to-face classes. We asked the kids and they, particularly Eldest, wanted to stick to homeschooling. Bunso followed suit. Even though earlier this year, they asked if they would be able to do face-to-face.

We respected their answer. We looped them into the decision-making process because we wanted it to come from them. They will be the ones to go to school eventually, so we wanted to know which modality they will be comfortable with. We don’t want them to feel that they were forced into doing something they didn’t want to.

So yes, we’re still homeschooling. I guess my concern really is with Eldest, since she’ll be in Grade 9 next school year. I don’t want her to feel that she has to adjust again, before she steps into Senior High School.

We’ll make this work. We always do.

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