Welcome to Hits and Mrs.!

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

I’m Michelle, a 40-something wife and mom juggling career, home life, homeschooling, and content creation.

I’ve been blogging since mid-2000’s. Basically when blogging was still basic and bloggers just made one as their online diary. I’ve now evolved to creating content about food and lifestyle, particularly for families, so what you’ll see here will be a combination of my experiences at home and features on products and services that I’ve discovered.

This is the new Hits and Mrs.

If you’ve followed me before, you’ll know that the blog “Hits and Mrs.” has been around for quite some time. Thing is, when my hosting changed servers, I failed to back up the old site. Kinda sad. But I’m taking this as my opportunity to start over. So yeah, I’m building this one from the ground up.

What do I post?

As this is primarily my space in the online world, I’ll be sharing my experiences on a lot of things. Food because I love to eat. Homeschooling because we’re doing it (we’re on our 3rd year now). News because I like reading about current events. Lifestyle features because it may be something useful to my audience. Well, could be basically anything, as long as it benefits my readers.

Have I worked with brands?

Yes, I have. In my old blog, I’ve done write-ups and features for various products and services. I get compensated in kind or in cash, although I do accept press releases even for just do-follow links. Of course, I just don’t accept any kind of free press releases — they must be something my readers find worth their while.

Can I be contacted for a feature?

Sure! You may send the details to hitsandmrsph@gmail.com and let’s help each other out. 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!